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    The manufacturer of aluminum shell explains the identification of good and bad aluminum materials

    Time:2021/01/25 Visits:520
    What is aluminum shell product? Now there are various types of aluminum shell products on the market, and all kinds of aluminum shell aluminum cans are commonly used in life. We are very concerned about the quality of aluminum profiles, because it is related to the quality of production and processing, which is what we are curious about. Now let's introduce the quality of this aluminum material to you by the aluminum shell manufacturer.

    There are various types of aluminum materials on the market, and the quality is also uneven. Unqualified aluminum profiles are deformed, and even cause glass cracking and falling off. After long-term use, the aluminum shell will even thin the oxide film thickness. The national standard stipulates that the thickness of oxide film of building aluminum profile shall not be less than 10 microns. If the thickness is not enough, the surface of aluminum profile is easy to rust and corrode. Regular aluminum shell manufacturers have internal standards when preparing alloy components, that is, within the content range of various elements, each factory has its own smaller variation range, and the proportion requirements of magnesium, aluminum and silicon are very strict. The quality can only be guaranteed if there is an alloy made of qualified formula. Otherwise, the quality can not be improved if it is processed in the future.

    Wuxi Fusheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. mainly produces aluminum extrusion products, plastic products, capacitor iron cover aluminum cover, capacitor aluminum shell, aluminum bottle aluminum can, tea box aluminum can and other aluminum shells. The company has strong technical force, complete testing means and production equipment.

    Wuxi Fu bonus Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. warmly welcomes new and old customers to call, come to Han and come to negotiate business and seek a win-win situation.

    Address: No. 102, zone B, Jinshan North Private Industrial Park, Jianghai West Road, Liangxi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

    Contact: Mr. Wang: 13812010867

    Ms. Wu: 15050687518

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