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    Why will aluminum shell electrolytic capacitor become the bottleneck component of LED bulb life?

    Time:2021/08/12 Visits:476
    Aluminum shell electrolytic capacitor is a common characteristic of power supply in daily life. Aluminum shell electrolytic capacitor is affected by high and low temperature conditions, and its service life is limited.

    The evaporation rate of electrolyte is closely related to the temperature of aluminum shell capacitor. When the working temperature drops by 10 ℃, the service life of aluminum shell capacitor will be doubled. The rated life of aluminum shell capacitor is usually the result obtained at its large rated temperature. Typical rated life is 1000 hours at 105 ° C. When these aluminum shell capacitors are selected for long-life applications such as LED bulbs, the service life of LED is 25000 hours, and the service life of aluminum shell capacitors becomes a problem. In order to achieve a life of 25000 hours, this aluminum shell capacitor requires an operating temperature of no more than 65 ℃. This operating temperature is particularly challenging because in this application, the ambient temperature will exceed 125 degrees Celsius.

    There are not many capacitors with high rated temperature in the market, but in most cases, aluminum shell electrolytic capacitors will become the bottleneck component of LED bulb life.

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